Welcome to Kreuzberg

What can you expect? Fresh beer from the tap, the best liqueurs and spirits in town, typical Berlin friendliness and a great atmosphere. Plus the unbeatable dream team of experienced barkeepers behind the counter, who make the distillery so unmistakably ingenious. Live does not only refer to football and music here, but also life.

Every evening for over 140 years, an amusing crowd of regulars and newcomers has been cavorting between the red walls. Whether young Berliners with gel hair, craftsmen with blue workwear, women sitting alone or gay pensioners – everyone knows: this is the place to be.

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Destille - Where else?

Our current opening hours Mon-Sun from 3pm until …… open… The perfect time for the well known „Konterbier“. At the latest when the soccer game or the live act starts, the last corners fill up. Down-to-earth prices, a freshly tapped beer and a snappy slogan on your lips. This is what makes the distillery what it is today.

6 draught beers

The beer from the tap is enjoyed by a large fan community every day. Fortunately nobody is stingy here – sharing is caring.

liqueurs & brandies

The „spirit“ in the little glasses is gone as fast as it was inside. That’s why there is a large selection of delicious, exclusive spirits.

Live Football

In good company and with a tasty, cool beer, you can watch all the important football matches here.

Beverage Highlights

Suitable for every season we always offer you our distillery classics. Just ask for what’s hot right now.

Man’s greatest enemy, I suppose,
that is and remains alcohol. But in
the bible is written that you shall
I’ll love your enemies too.

Our team

A location is only brought to life by the right people. A trick that not everyone succeeds in. The six-man team of the distillery does. Here everyone knows what he can do and that’s a good thing.

Strong and unmistakable in character, they rock the bar every evening and spread a lot of good mood during that. Not only for the right drink, but also relationship and life advice are occasionally given.

Here you will find everything that is really good.

If you see him, you’ll recognize him right away. Because Uwe is the boss of the crew and restaurateur down to the last centimetre. He made the distillery what it is today. And well, that’s what he radiates.

Rarely have we experienced our Perry speechless, because he always has a sassy saying on his lips. Caution – here a real Berlin Kodderschnauze acts. And if he should ever be upset, he can breath the good old distillery air.

Charming and handsome, he brings everybody to their knees. Yes, guys, there’s one of those here too. Does more have to be said?!

Roger’s the new guy. Hard at work and under his radar, nothing remains undiscovered. Neither the kissing couple nor the irritated look when the glass bottom is suddenly visible. Thanks to these advantages, no glass remains empty and the guests are satisfied.

Youthful dreams are something so important, even if they rarely come true. Malcolm, however, has achieved its goal. To work in the distillery was his great wish even before he was allowed to. He came, saw and won. And now he is here.

You can’t have so much beer
in the evening. that the next
morning has no thirst!

Our beers on tap

A cool blonde or a strong dark simply suits every occasion.

Heartbroken? – Off to the distillery. Birthday party? – Also off to the distillery.

And what’s there? The best beer that ever touched this throat.

And why? – Clearly: Because it was tapped right here. With a foam crown, beer mat and all the great things.

An absolute masterpiece.

Water makes wise,
wine cheerful,
so drink them
both to be both.

In-house liqueurs & brandies

The wide range of exclusive clear and coloured spirits find their way into the distillery through a highly grandiose friend. There is something for every taste. Gladly also a few more little glasses. „Just taste one“ is the preferred motto at this point.


raspberry brandy
mirabelle plums
fruit brandy
sour cherry
sloe spirit
Willi with honey
Damask plums

2cl - 3,40 EUR

elderberry brandy

2cl - 4,50 EUR


beer liqueur
baked apple
crème brûlée
earth spirit
peppermint liqueur
Cream egg liqueur
Cream gingerbread
Chocolate Chili
vanilla cream

2cl - 2,60 EUR

Bottle prices

Liqueur 0,35 15 €
Liqueur 1 liter 41 €

Brandy 0,35 19 €
Brandy 1 liter 52 €

Noble brandy 0,35 35 €
Brandy 1 liter 98 €

The price for packing & shipping will be informed to you immediately when you confirm the order.

Die ``SÜßE`` Destille

Schlüpferstürmer auf Eis 4cl
Vanilla cream liqueur
with raspberry liqueur

6,00 EUR

Leckermäulchen auf Eis Longdrink 4cl
Vanilla-cream-liqueur with
cherry nectar

7,00 EUR

KiBa für Erwachsene auf Eis
Longdrink 4cl raspberry-
liqueur with banana nectar

7,00 EUR

If anyone laughs, laugh with them! If
One sings, sing along! If one
Drink, drink with me! If one works,
let him have his way!


Here you can find all current events, football matches and special highlights of the near future. Short, quick and with one click in your calendar. Anticipation can be so beautiful.

See you in the distillery – where else?

Dezember, 2021

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