Our good soul – always has an open ear and provides with your charming nature for a good mood.

Gorgio has quickly integrated himself into the team and has become an integral part.

Roger’s the new guy. Hard at work and under his radar, nothing remains undiscovered. Neither the kissing couple nor the irritated look when the glass bottom is suddenly visible. Thanks to these advantages, no glass remains empty and the guests are satisfied.

Charming and handsome, he brings everybody to their knees. Yes, guys, there’s one of those here too. Does more have to be said?!

Rarely have we experienced our Perry speechless, because he always has a sassy saying on his lips. Caution – here a real Berlin Kodderschnauze acts. And if he should ever be upset, he can breath the good old distillery air.

If you see him, you’ll recognize him right away. Because Uwe is the boss of the crew and restaurateur down to the last centimetre. He made the distillery what it is today. And well, that’s what he radiates.